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Blaze New Trails With Us Under the Sea

Join Our Dive Team

The JSIS Dive Team is a unique opportunity for 12 and older, who are interested in marine biology, the ocean and and the tech required for discovery. Our goal is to engage kids through science education, scuba training, and hands-on experiences. This program is open to divers, non-divers, and those that want to become divers. We involve students in marine science research projects and provide opportunities for them to contribute to the understanding and conservation of coral reef ecosystems.

Clinics, Classes, and Workshops

Each month, we offer scuba clinics, scientific diving classes, and marine science workshops. Divers will develop their diving and science skills leading to research field trips to reefs in Florida. We also plan local community projects, including environmental cleanup events, ocean engineering challenges, and other projects our members are interested in leading.

Who Can Join?

Any student at least 12 years old can join.  Whether or not you are certified does not matter.  If you cannot swim, we will teach you.  If you want to stay on shore or in the boat, we still want you to join us.  In addition to scuba diving, we have drones, remote operated submersibles and remote camera equipment.  We have something for everyone.

Portrait Of Students

Team Members

When Do We Meet?

We have workshops, events, or scuba clinics every month. Dates and times will vary depending on the pool and instructor schedule. We have semi-annual meetings with all members to discuss upcoming goals, projects, and trips.

Signing Up

If you or your child wants to join our team, fill out the member registration form stating an interest in marine science and submit the $30 annual member fee.

If you’ve read this far, you must have an interest.  Send a request for more information.  We’ll answer your questions, provide more information or point you to the nearest chapter.