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Youth Education in Marine Biology

JSIS is a youth education program for students, run by students. High schoolers are mentored by undergrad students, and the program is managed by graduate students. Junior scientists learn science, ecology, and general aquatic awareness by participating in reef propagation, fish identification and counts, as well as by locating invasive species. We teach diving physiology, diving physics, equipment usage and safety.  We learn in a controlled environment like a pool, and progress to open ocean. All phases of the program are supervised by a competent adult. Each student is assigned a buddy while diving, and each buddy team is assigned an adult.

Daring to Dream

Our program taps into the students' collective imaginations while challenging them to dream, creating deadlines and then pursuing these newly created goals. The program is not just about science; it is about finding, defining, and motivating self—and preserving the planet along the way. We provide emergency response training, including CPR and AED operation, and are a recognized STEAM program.

More than Scuba Diving

Students who cannot scuba dive can still get involved by using one of our remote-operated vehicles. Videography and photography, including the use of drones, brings out the artists in all of our students. We also teach public speaking aimed at wildlife and stewardship advocacy. One of our students recently helped convince the Florida Legislature to expand the environmental coverage of the Florida Everglades. She was recognized by the reading of her name, and acknowledgement of her work and tenacity, during the 2017 session.

Scuba Diving Lesson

Support a Student or Chapter

You can sponsor a student at any of our summer camps or year-round programs. Sponsoring a student is tax-deductible. You'll also receive regular updates with photos and news about what your student is doing. Sponsoring a chapter helps even more students and increases exposure for your business. Your benefits can include advertising on our website, advertising during our live feeds, and advertising in a prominent place inside Sea View, when the platform comes online.